St. Mary’s Carmelite Church on the Diana Camera

A number of years back I photographed some features of St. Mary Carmelite Church with my Diana camera on black and white film. The building has sat vacant for decades and has become at risk of falling down. This month it is being demolished. Here's a link to a previous post with some color photographs... Continue Reading →

Getting Around in J-Town

Being a suburb, the main mode of transportation here in J-Town and the surrounding communities is the motor vehicle. Here are a dozen or so examples of what you'll see crusin' around town in the current times, or not.

A Neighbor Remembered

I knew him as Ronny. He had a fetish for family parties and bonfires. They were simultaneous occurrences. Neither happened without the other. He's gone now. Passed alone in his home of un-know causes. I witnessed this scene upon returning home from work one day and it struck me as quintessential Ronny. I knew a... Continue Reading →

People of J-Town Pt 7

Periodically I will be sharing some of my people of J-TOWN shots here on this site. Who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself here one day. People of J-Town Pt 6 People of J-Town Pt 5 People of J-Town Pt 4 People of J Town pt 3 People of J Town pt 2 People of J... Continue Reading →

Eastside Greenhouse

I've been shopping here for years for annual garden plants. My grandparents shopped here, my parents and now me. I run into friends here and family as well. When I was in grade school I remember shopping here for our Christmas tree. The owners are super nice and helpful. And, their plant quality is fantastic.... Continue Reading →

House on a Hill

I've been traveling thru Highland Park / Pilcher Park since I was a kid, leaning over the front seat to get a better view. That was before seat belts, yep, I'm that old. Anyway, I've always admired this house up on a hill near a drive in the park referred to as snake hill. I... Continue Reading →

Hadley Valley on Horseback

While hiking the trails at Hadley Valley (Rt6 and Gougar) you will likely see bikers, hikers and runners. On this particular day we witnessed this small group on horseback as we crossed I-355 using the underpass tunnel. This group of riders were just entering the tunnel as we made our way out. Well, one guys... Continue Reading →

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